2017 Results


light winds

Rank Class SailNos Helm Crew Club#
1 Laser 212660 Joseph DRAKE Royal Norfolk And Suffolk Yacht Club
2 Laser 210914 Craig WILLIAMSON Hisc/shsc
3 Wayfarer 10673 David ROBERTS Michael BRYANT Bough Beech
4 Byte CII 3573 Louis SAUNDERS Combs Sailing Club
5 2000 22619 Kev O'BRIEN Jake O'BRIEN Raf Sailing Association
6 Byte CII 3608 Stu MOORE Weston Sailing Club
7 Comet 869 Bob DODDS Crawley Mariners Yacht Club
8 Osprey 1281 Terry CURTIS Peter GREIG Castle Cove SC
9 Halo 818 Mike LYONS Burghfield SC
10 RS100 8.4 314 Steven LEE Weston
11 Byte 3561 Richard WHITEHOUSE Combs Sailing Club
12 Byte 3078 Emma PEARSON Weston Sailing Club
13 Laser 4.7 212943 Thomas PARKHURST Beaver Sailing Club
14 RS Tera Pro 2305 William SUNDERLAND Olton Mere Sailing Club
15 National 18 401 Ben VINES Jeremy VINES/STEVE WATTON
16 Osprey 1175 Emma STEVENSON Tim BOWDEN Weymouth Sailing Club
17 B14 786 Geraldine FERMOR Chris 'leaky' FERMOR
18 RS Tera Sport 943 Adelicia LAVENDER Felpham Sailing Club
19 Topper 4.2 47659 Giles BAKER Datchet Water Sailing Club
20 National 18 165 Maria RICHARDS Hugo BERNEY Blackwater Sailing Club
21 RS Tera Sport 743 Lizzie FOSTER Emsworth Sailing Club
DNF Topper 47522 Scott WILKINSON Rye Harbour Sailing Club
DNC Fireball 15070 Isaac MARSH Oliver DAVENPORT Dovestone SC
DNC Int Moth 4501 Dan ELLIS Yealm YC
DNC RS Aero 7 2346 Ben ROLFE Lymington Town
DNC RS100 8.4 410 Alistair DICKSON Gurnard
DNC RS400 1078 Peter JACKSON Alex NOKES Silver Wing Sailing Club
DNC Solo 5737 Oliver DAVENPORT Redesmere SC
DNC Tasar 1189 Chris BROWN Amber BROWN Weston SC
DNC Vortex 2014 Jonathan CARTER Rickmansworth Sailing Club

17/9/2017 06:22





The Battle Of The Classes Pursuit Race will feature at the Southampton Boat Show on the 21st of September 2014. This year also part of the Guinness World record attempt Bart's Bash. Hosted by Royal Corinthian YC and SWAC with live GPS Tracking and online commentary from SailRacer.