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Results for Ross HARVEY

Class Type Date SailorName Rank FleetSize EventName
Laser April,2008 Ross HARVEY 122 155 Semaine Olympique Francaise View
Handicap November,2006 Ross Harvey 118 201 Tiger Trophy View
Handicap May,2015 Ross Harvey 92 110 Glyn Charles Pursuit Race View
LASER RADIAL March,2012 Ross HARVEY 90 106 Noble Marine Laser Standard and Radial Qualifier 3 View
Laser May,2009 Ross HARVEY 87 110 ISAF World Cup Delta Lloyd Regatta 2009 View
Laser May,2009 Ross Harvey 87 Holland Regatta View
Laser May,2008 Ross Harvey 85 118 Holland Regatta View
Laser June,2009 Ross HARVEY 84 150 ISAF World Cup Kieler Woche 2009 View
Laser March,2008 Ross Harvey 81 -1 Princess Sofia Trophy View
Laser May,2007 Ross HARVEY 52 76 Holland Regatta View
LASER September,2009 Ross HARVEY 52 53 2009 Sail for Gold - Silver Fleet View
Laser April,2009 Ross HARVEY 46 138 ISAF World Cup Semaine Olympique Francaise 2009 View
Laser July,2005 Ross Harvey 43 104 Nationals Standard Abersoch 2005 View
Laser April,2005 Ross Harvey 43 49 Royal Plymouth C Standard Q 2005 View
Laser April,2009 Ross HARVEY 42 139 Semaine Olympique Francaise View

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