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Results for Caitlin MORLEY

Class Type Date SailorName Rank FleetSize EventName
OPTIMIST March,2013 Caitlin MORLEY 122 141 Volvo Gill Optimist Spring Championship View
29ER January,2020 CAITLIN MORLEY 53 58 29er Winters @29erUK View
OPTIMIST October,2012 Caitlin MORLEY 46 62 Volvo Gill Optimist End of Season Championship - Regatta Fleet View
RS FEVA August,2018 Caitlin Morley 40 58 Euros @RSFevaUK Gold View
RS Tera August,2014 Caitlin Morley 39 55 Magic Marine RS Tera National Championships - Sport Fleet View
RS FEVA September,2016 Caitlin Morley 36 40 Feva GP @RSFevaUK View
RS Tera June,2014 Caitlin Morley 33 43 Magic Marine Inland National Championships - Sport Fleet View
RS FEVA May,2018 Caitlin Morley 33 53 Nationals @RSFevaUK Gold View
Optimist September,2012 Caitlin MORLEY 29 30 RYA Volvo East Zone Championships 2012 - Optimist Main Fleet View
OPTIMIST August,2014 Caitlin MORLEY 27 71 Optimist Nationals - Regatta Fleet View
OPTIMIST July,2013 Caitlin MORLEY 26 42 Volvo Gill Optimist British National and Open Championships - Regatta Fleet View
RS Tera April,2015 caitlin morley 25 53 Magic Marine RS Tera Start Of Season Championships 2015 - Sport Fleet View
RS Tera April,2017 Caitlin Morley 25 31 Pro @RSTeraSailingUK Springs View
RS Tera June,2018 Caitlin Morley 23 43 Pro Nationals @RSTeraSailingUK View
RS Aero August,2018 Caitlin Morley 21 61 RS Aero 5 Worlds View

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