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Results for Mike Dray

Class Type Date SailorName Rank FleetSize EventName
No Selection January,2011 Mike Dray 114 256 View
No Selection January,2012 Mike Dray 247 575 sailJuice Global Warmup View
Handicap January,2012 Mike Dray 114 256 Bloody Mary Pursuit Race View
No Selection February,2012 Mike Dray 264 610 2012 SailJuice Global Warmup Winter Series View
SOLO March,2012 MIKE DRAY 27 56 Solo Spring Championships View
SOLO June,2012 Mike Dray 3 12 Solo Open View
SOLO September,2012 Mike DRAY 25 85 Solo Inland Championships View
SOLO October,2012 Mike Dray 10 51 Solo End of Season Championship View
No Selection January,2013 Mike Dray 97 338 Virtual Rigger 40th Bloody Mary View
SOLO April,2013 Mike Dray 46 67 National Solo Spring Championship 2013 View
SOLO July,2013 Mike Dray 43 115 Solo Nationals View
Handicap January,2014 Mike Dray 36 285 Bloody Mary View
No Selection February,2014 Mike DRAY 201 835 GJW Direct SailJuice Winter Series Overall View
SOLO May,2014 Mike Dray 25 44 Solo Southerns View
SOLO October,2014 Mike Dray 2 15 Solo Open Meeting View

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