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Results for Jack Collis

Class Type Date SailorName Rank FleetSize EventName
Topper October,2012 Jack Collis 13 20 Alton Water Topper Traveller View
Topper September,2013 Jack Collis 11 34 Stewartby Topper Traveller View
Topper May,2012 Jack Collis 11 29 Broxbourne Sailing Club Traveller View
TOPPER May,2012 Jack Collis 11 28 Topper Open View
Topper April,2013 Jack COLLIS 10 32 Sailing Solutions Topper 4.2 Inlands / NS3 View
Topper September,2012 Jack COLLIS 9 21 Sailing Solutions Topper 4.2 Nationals and Nationa Series 1 2012/13 View
Topper June,2012 Jack Collis 9 14 Deben Topper Traveller View
SPITFIRE September,2015 Jack Collis 8 15 Spitfire Nationals View
Topper May,2012 Jack Collis 6 20 Royal Corinthian Yacht Club Traveller View

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