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Results for Conor Lamb

Class Type Date SailorName Rank FleetSize EventName
No Selection January,2013 Conor Lamb 222 338 Virtual Rigger 40th Bloody Mary View
Topper September,2012 Conor LAMB 22 49 RYA Volvo South East Zone Championships 29 and 30 September 2012 - TOPPER View
TOPPER September,2012 Conor Lamb 19 43 Topper South East Traveller Event - Main Fleet View
Topper June,2012 Conor Lamb 24 31 South East Traveller No.7 View
Topper April,2012 Conor Lamb 26 29 ITCA SE Topper Traveller No2 View
No Selection April,2012 Conor Lamb 22 38 KSSA Regatta View
Topper September,2010 Conor Lamb 16 28 ITCA-60655 View
Topper July,2010 Conor Lamb 16 6 Irish Topper Championships 2010 View
Topper April,2009 Conor Lamb 19 55 ITCA-23729 View
Mirror May,2008 Conor LAMB 28 28 Allen Brothers Nationwide Championship II View
Topper January,2007 Conor Lamb 11 53 RYA South East Zone Championships View

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