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Event name: Sekonda Nationals
Date: 28 May 2011
Club: South Caernarvonshire YC
Classtype:RS FEVA , see more results
Day 3 & overall results

Owen Bowerman & Charlie Darling take the title in a brilliant final day performance. Yet again the forecast was far exceeded in terms of hours of sunshine as well as strength of breeze. Sunshine from dawn till dusk and between 8 & 15kts of breeze – eat your heart out!

©RS Class

The performance started in style as the race team awaiting the allotted hour of battle by doing a full volume performance of YMCA in black tie on the cabin roof. Competitors were left amused and bemused in equal part. Chris Hoppens performance on the bow was particularly noteworthy.

At the gun for the days first race it was looking good for the long time leaders Matt Whitfield & Gareth Viney as their closest competitors , Owen & Charlie were buried. But then we saw the stuff that wins championships – a stunning recovery to 2nd. The final day shaped up for an almighty tussle with Matt & Gareth dropping a point. Next race proved ultimately to be fairly decisive. Owen & Charlie were away whilst Matt & Gareth got black flagged (seriously ironic after last years event when the boys picked up 4 BFD’s on the trot). Advantage O&C. The final race was the re-sailed R5 and the boys had unknown to them a Z-flag penalty still hanging over them. All that was needed was steadiness by the mighty O&C – but they weren’t certain of that. So Owen & Charlie signed of in style with another win that we calculate would have given them the title by a solitary point even with Matt & Gareth’s Z penalty. Fantastic racing.

Debbie & Tommy Darling were very consistent and comfortable for their third place. 4th & 5th also finished with drama and nobody being quite sure until the dust had settled. Robert Baddeley & James Taylor just had it from Morgan Peach & Herbie Harford. Jovian Short & James Barlow finished an excellent event with the last of the overall choccies in 6th.

The Ladies title was also decided by a very tight margin. Whilst the OCS in the penultimate race was costly to Anna Prescott & Jess Eales they had to yield in the title race to the most excellent Emily Peters & Augusta Redding. A deserved 3rd place went to Gemma Bird & Morgan Dibb.

The Junior title went to last year’s runner up Jemima Lawson & Jenny Cropley with Joshua Belben & Jonathan Baddeley with Jamie Smith & David Brand a fine 3rd.

The silver fleet was won by a huge margin by Tom Joesbury & Ollie Sellers. A master class indeed and perhaps the first day mishap during qualification had them effectively in the wrong fleet. Still brilliantly sailed though. 2nd were Alex Cole & Will Creaven with 3rd taken by Max Matthews and Guy Rivington.

Top Club were HISC with the 3 out of the top 4 boats. Top Zone for the Anemoi Regional Challenge went to the North Zone (ie no National Squad sailors or Adults) with the winning team members being: Will Robinson & George Hunter, Misha Radionovsky & Toni Duffy, Angus Inman & Joe Hills.


Spot prizes:
Best Dock Sailor: Oliver Scott & Tom Mitchell
Top Scots: Rory Hunter & Sophie Thomson
Top single handed rudder replacement/spinnaker take down & Crew retrieval: Asher Robinson & Grace Bradley-Shanker

Most ever RS Feva National  Championships contested: Hugo Tucker
Best Birthday on the day: Tim Collino
Top youngster: Jamie Allen
Top Local not in a national Squad: Rebecca Morris & Islay Grant

As ever Sekonda Watches have been fantastic sponsors and events such as this need ones of this calibre. Many thanks indeed. Finally, given that there are far too many stories for this article I just need to repeat the brilliance of the club, the selfless duty by Penny Clark as class judge and the personal effort by all the Morris & Shelley families and Rob Shelley in particular.

Rank Fleet Helm Crew Nett
1 Gold Owen BOWERMAN Charlie DARLING 13
1 Silver Tom JOESBURY Ollie SELLERS 29
2 Silver Alex COLE Will CREAVEN 42
2 Gold Matthew WHITFIELD Gareth VINEY 18
3 Gold Debbie DARLING Tom DARLING 21
4 Silver Jamie WEBB Syd MCLEAN 63
4 Gold Robert BADDELEY James TAYLOR 34
5 Gold Morgan PEACH Herbie HARFORD 36
5 Silver Jamie SMITH David BRAND 70
6 Silver Jenny SMALLWOOD Esther FENTON-JONES 71
6 Gold Jovian SHORT James BARLOW 41
7 Gold Robert MASTERMAN Alice MASTERMAN 50
7 Silver James EALES Lindy PRESCOTT 76
8 Silver Joe BURGIN Gregory SALE 84
9 Gold Emily PETERS Augusta REDDING 58
9 Silver Molly GILBERT Tabitha PEEL 102
10 Silver Jack NUNN James DANDO 105
10 Gold Anna PRESCOTT Jess EALES 61
11 Gold Robert MORRIS George SHELLEY 62
11 Silver Lucy BEST Ciara BERRY 106
12 Silver Alex SMALLWOOD Liz SMALLWOOD 113
12 Gold Matilda DOLIN Josh VOLLER 64
13 Gold Chris ALLEN Jamie ALLEN 66
13 Silver Millie GIBBONS Lily STREATFEILD 119
14 Silver Rebecca LEWIS Harriet WINBUSH 121
14 Gold Gemma BIRD Morgan DIBB 74
15 Gold Chay TAYLOR Stirling TAYLOR 87
15 Silver Will ARNDT Nicholas TURNER 135
16 Silver Max GRIGGS Cody GRIGGS 142
16 Gold Sarah HUSSEY Andy BRIERLEY 89
17 Gold Jacob BARNETT Emma BARNETT 89
17 Silver Sam BARSON Mike LEAR 142
18 Silver Hannah BRISTOW Bobby HEWITT 145
18 Gold Adam KAY Joseph WINBUSH 91
19 Gold Jemima LAWSON Jenny CROPLEY 97
19 Silver Alasdair LOGAN Angus JOHNSTONE 150
20 Silver Alex JOESBURY Emlyn WILLIAMS 153
21 Gold Oliver WRIGHT Luke MACDERMOTT 107
21 Silver Wills MURRAY Grace MURRAY 153
22 Silver Jamie JOBSON Eve GADD 155
22 Gold Barnaby BLACKSTONE William PROUD 121
23 Gold Hugo TUCKER Tim COLLINO 127
23 Silver Tom SMITH Daniel WILSON 180
24 Silver Jemma VINEY Matthew VINEY 181
24 Gold Will ROBINSON George HUNTER 134
25 Gold Misha RADIONOVSKIY Toni DUFFY 142
25 Silver Immi SLINN Ruby GRIFFIN 185
26 Silver Callum DIXON Iona DIXON 193
26 Gold Emma SCOURFIELD Jessica SCOURFIELD 146
27 Gold Angus INMAN Joe HILLS 152
27 Silver Hector NELSON Jeremy NELSON 194
28 Silver Libi ASKEW Poppy DANIEL 196
28 Gold Oliver SCOTT Tom MITCHELL 152
29 Gold Seb BAUCUTT Harry BUISSERET 155
29 Silver Fionn O'FARRELL Tadhg O'FARRELL 208
30 Silver Stuart DOUGHTY James DERMOTT 212
31 Gold Edward HAYNES Henry BOWERS 160
31 Silver Lucy PRATT Ben POE 216
32 Silver Charlie PRITCHARD George GOSS 218
32 Gold Ben OLIVER Tom OLIVER 161
33 Gold Joshua BELBEN Jonathan BADDELEY 162
33 Silver Francis BALDWIN Grace DUTTON 219
34 Silver Courtney BILBROUGH Orla MITCHELL 225
34 Gold Sam YEARSLEY Ellie BURROWS 168
35 Gold Phoebe WARREN Lily SUMMERS 169
35 Silver Tom DUTTON Dominic LASHBROOK 225
36 Silver Georgia PANAYI Sophia PANAYI 229
36 Gold Rory HUNTER Sophie THOMSON 178
37 Gold Delanie RUTTER Eve TOWNSEND 184
37 Silver Samuel GRADE Katie PRESCOTT 243
38 Silver Hannah COLLINSON Lizzie COLLINSON 245
38 Gold Patrick GANNON Niamh GANNON 192
39 Gold Sophie WARD Will WARD 192
39 Silver Annie ACRES Issy GILBERT 249
40 Silver Thomas MORRIS Scarlett CROFT 256
40 Gold Cameron WEBBER Joseph FENWICK 193
41 Gold Molly BROWN Arthur BROWN 194
41 Silver Asher ROBINSON Grace BRADLEY-SHANKER 257
42 Silver Emily HINE Matthew HINE 265
42 Gold Elliott WILKINSON Joshua CROFT 196
43 Gold Flynn DAVIES Nick HUTTON-PENMAN 198
43 Silver Matthew WALKER MORECROFT Dominic COTTERILL 276
44 Silver Grace SUMMERS Philippa CHANDLER 280
44 Gold Molly GRIFFIN Dom HALL 198
45 Gold Matt HILL Joe REEVE 202
45 Silver Indeg OWEN Sian ROSEWARNE 291
46 Silver Sammy ISSACS-JOHNSON Jordan FLYNN 298
46 Gold Rebecca MORRIS Islay GRANT 206
47 Gold Jack WARD Sam CLARK 215
47 Silver Madeleine HOPPER Phillipa HADLEIGH 313
48 Silver James RUSSELL Lauren RUSSELL 375
48 Gold Imogen SCOTT Charlie STANNARD 224
49 Gold Emily PROUD Olivia WINTHER 235
49 Silver Richard DIXON Matthew DIXON 375
50 Gold Finbar PRESTON Ed SHELLEY 242
51 Gold Tom NICHOLLS Henry PROTO 246
52 Gold Alex TALBOT Patrick CHAPMAN 258
53 Gold James MIDDLETON Matthew MERCER 260
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