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Results for Ellie CREIGHTON

Class Type Date SailorName Rank FleetSize EventName
OPTIMIST August,2017 Ellie CREIGHTON 5 63 Junior Silver @IOCAUK View
420 November,2021 Ellie Creighton 11 39 420 end of Seasons View
OPTIMIST May,2017 Ellie Creighton 34 77 RYA ET Optimist @IOCAUK View
OPTIMIST May,2018 Ellie CREIGHTON 37 201 Optimist Inlands @IOCAUK View
OPTIMIST March,2018 Ellie CREIGHTON 97 179 Springs @IOCAUK View
OPTIMIST May,2017 Ellie CREIGHTON 102 207 Optimist Inlands @IOCAUK View
OPTIMIST March,2017 Ellie CREIGHTON 119 138 Optimist Springs @IOCAUK View
OPTIMIST October,2017 Ellie CREIGHTON 130 196 EOS @IOCAUK View
OPTIMIST March,2016 Ellie CREIGHTON 145 164 Optimist Springs View
OPTIMIST September,2016 Ellie CREIGHTON 150 170 Optimist Champs @IOCAUK View
OPTIMIST October,2016 Ellie CREIGHTON 153 181 Optimist End of Seasons @IOCAUK View

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