SailRacer GPS tracking APP


 The tally system will operate via the SailRacer GPS App


For iPhones you may need to download Apple TestFlight first


Once SailRacer app installed,  click on tracking icon (top right) and enter you provided tracking code


Test page you should appear on map



Any issues

Phone GPS settings

It is best to have this set to Always, then if you minimise the App the GPS data will be alway sent to the server . Also any sleep modes turned off

The tracker app will still work if there is No Connection available, storing the data and uploading when next makes a connection eg picks up clubs WiFi when coming ashore

User Guide

SMS Tally

 If you are having issues with your tracker you can also send the message TALLYOUT when going sailing and TALLYIN when returning to act as a Tally


14/8/2020 17:33