Getting ready for Allen Endurance Series #3


The fleet have started to assemble, with several taking advantage of the Saturday racing to get some practise for the big event on Sunday, Round Sheppey 2018

 Live SailRacer GPS tracking from 10.00 


9/9/2018 05:18


Photo © Tim Olin

GPS Tracking

2018 Series

Solents Forts2-3 June 2018
East Coast Piers7-8 July 2018
Round Sheppey8-9 September 2018





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UK performance sailing hardware manufacturer Allen Brothers has announced the creation of a new sailing series designed to test crews and equipment in extreme contests of skill and endurance. The new Series combines established events into a format which Allen Brothers believes will increase participation and competition, enhancing the endurance element of small boat racing in the UK.

The series is managed by SailRacer.