Champions Cup 2022, Rutland Sailing Club, 17 Sep 2022 - 18 Sep 2022



This is the entry site for The Champions Cup 2022

Please note: All Champions Cup competitors are automatically added to the individual compertition for The National Windsurfing Championships 2022 and The National Inland Championships 2022.

What is The Champions Cup

The Champions Cup is the culmination of The Regional Windsurfing League previously known as Team 15. Teams will compete over two days to be crowned The Champion Club for 2022

Can I check my entry

Yes - You can see everyone who has entered the Champions Cup so far,

follow the link


Champions Cup Rules 2022

For The 2022 Champions Cup, entry will be open to all Teams and Clubs.

In previous years only the top two teams from the Inter Club Series have been eligible to compete at The Champions Cup. This year we want to be more inclusive and all clubs will be invited to attend.

  • A teams top six results across any number of fleets will make up the overall team score.
  • Teams can be made up of 2 to 15 sailors.
  • Teams of less than 6 sailors will have points added to make their team results up to 6 members. 
  • Individual entries will also be accepted for anyone not part of a team. 
  • Further information can be found in the Champions Cup sailing instructions.

How do I enter & how much will it cost?

The Champions Cup is the culmination of all the Regional Windsurfing League interclub events.

Individuals from any club are also welcome to compete for individual prizes.

Who  can compete?

Racing will take place in the following fleets: 3.5m, 4.5m, 5.8m, Techno 6.8m, Techno 7.8m as detailed in the Team15 Competition Rules. These are maximum sail sizes for any given fleet, for example a sailor can choose to use a 4m sail in the 4.5 fleet if they prefer.

Please note sailors may enter as a 5.0m fleet competitor for the purpose of the individual compertition however for the Champions Cup they will be scored as part of the 5.8m fleet. Individual National Windsurfing Championships prizes will be awarded to the 5.0m Fleet.

How much will it cost?

Entry for two days is £65

How to enter

Click enter and follow the instructions

Late Entry

Entry will close at Midnight on Monday 12th September. Late entry will be available on the day however there will be an additional late entry fee of £10


You can see the Rules by clicking Policies and Documents

Are you confused? Have any Questions? Need Assistance email or Telephone 07889-161780



The UKWA will be using its Public Address System to make announcements this weekend

However in addition we will be using a smartphone App. Whilst the PA system works well if you are in proximity, we can now talk to you directly via your smartphone throughout the event.

Not only can we talk to you, if you miss the transmission you can play it back so you never miss a thing.

If you want to be part of this then please search for and download the App called Zello Once you are signed up you go to Channels and search for UKWA including the UKWA logo.

So long as you have the App open at the event you will receive our transmissions


Club Details

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