SOLO Entries
5886 Mark LOCK
Ardleigh Sailing Club
5061 James KING
Bough Beech Sailing Club
5822 Jon HILL
Bough Beech SC
4426 Graham BIRCH
Bristol Corinthian Yacht Club
5152 Andrew THOMPSON
Bristol Corinthian YC
5640 David THURSFIELD Chelmarsh
3937 Matthew ROBINSON
Chelmarsh Sailing Club
4774 Neil THORNTON Chelmarsh SC
5608 Simon VERRALL Dell Quay
5836 Mark HARPER Dell Quay SC
3847 Will LOY Dittisham S.c.
3835 Roy PRYOR
Dittisham Sailing Club
5301 Trevor KIRKIN
Dittisham Sailing Club
5820 Michael WEBSTER
Dittisham Sailing Club
Dittisham Sailing Club
4748 Anne-marie COYLE Dittisham SC
4730 John BROOKER Frensham
5575 Paul TREVAN
Frensham Pond Sailing Club
5814 Jeff DOLTON
Frensham Pond Sailing Club
5575 Paul TREVAN
Frensham Pond Sailing Club
4487 John BARTON
Frensham Pond Sailing Club
4592 Bryan TAYLOR
Frensham Pond SC
5027 John HAINE
Frensham Pond SC
5642 Robert HOBSON Hallowell SC
5334 David STEEL
Hayling Island Sailing Club
5167 Philip TRAVERSO
Hickling Broad Sailing Club
5515 Mac POWELL
Hickling Broad Sailing Club
4920 Patrick MCHUGH
Hickling Broad SC
5405 Malcolm MELLOR
Hickling Broad SC
5630 Greg SWIFT Hisc
5191 Stuart BUSH Hollowell SC
4884 Tom WELZ
Leigh & Lowton Sailing Club
4985 Kim CANT
Leigh & Lowton SC
Leigh And Lowton
4521 Stuart VAN DEN HOEK
Leigh And Lowton SC
4381 Richard CATCHPOLE
Leigh And Lowton SC
4635 Simon JOHNSON Littleton SC
4975 Charlie BRECKNELL
Loch Insh Waterports
5900 Andy HYLAND
Lymington Town SC
5570 Malcolm BUCHANAN
Lymington Town SC
5354 Robin MILLEDGE
Lymington Town SC
5778 Shaun WELSH
Lymington Town SC
5721 Graham WILSON Northampton
5655 Sean BIGGS Northampton
Northampton Sailing Club
5547 Peter WARNE Northampton SC
5524 Kev HALL Northampton SC
5856 Brian FISHER Notts County
5886 Ian FIRTH
Notts County Sailing Club
5577 Kevin ANDREWS
Notts County Sailing Club
5381 Fraser HAYDEN Papercourt SC
5138 Patrick OVERS
Paxton Lakes SC
5374 Chris DAVIES Portchester
5121 Robert SHERIDAN Portchester SC
5139 Alex DAVIES Portchester
6000 Doug LATTA Portchester SC
5734 Adrian GRIFFIN Salcombe
5743 Tim LAW Salcombe
5898 Simon DOBSON Salcombe YC
5631 Les RADFORD
Spinnaker Sailing Club
4400 Nick ROBINSON
Spinnaker Sailing Club
GBR 4496Neil LISTER Aylesbury Sailing Club
GBR 5385Kevin POWLEY Bough Beech
GBR 4609Graham STREETER Bough Beech
GBR 5563Richard SOUTHERN Bough Beech SC
GBR 4578Jonathan CARTER Chelmarsh
GBR 4958Paul BARTELS Chelmarsh Sailing Club
GBR 4789Jayne MORRIS Dittisham
GBR 5304Martin GREGORY Dittisham Sailing Club
GBR 4806Martin FODDER Dittisham Sailing Club
GBR 3301Jon CLARKE Dittisham SC
GBR 3301Jon CLARKE Dittisham SC
GBR 5424Mike BENNETT Dittisham SC
GBR 5435Richard ALLEN Dittisham SC
GBR 5786John STEELS Dittisham SC
GBR 5333Johnny MOULSDALE Dittisham SC
GBR 4720Terry PHILLIPS Dsc
GBR 4643Ben MORRIS Dsc
GBR 5869Patrick CALLAN Frensham Pond
GBR 5051Lawrence CAVILL GRANT Grafham
GBR 5472Robert HAWKINS Hickling Broad
GBR 4641Chris LARTER Hickling Broad Sailing Club
GBR 3528Jim HARROP Hill Head
GBR 5780Nigel THOMAS Hill Head SC
GBR 3583David MORLEY Hollowell
GBR 5580Keith LANCASTER Hollowell Sailing Club
GBR 5272Dave KELSALL Leigh & Lowton SC
GBR 5126Vanda JOWETT Littleton Sailing Club
GBR 5187Julian RICKARDS Littleton Sailing Club
GBR 5730Steve JONES Littleton SC
GBR 4758Paul HURN Littleton SC
GBR 5393Simon DERHAM Littleton SC
GBR 5871Tim WADE Lymington Town SC
GBR 5525Allan HENSON Northampton
GBR 4838Rob JACKSON Northampton Sailing Club
GBR 5666Andrew BOYCE Papercourt Sailing Club
GBR 4454Stas LAWICKI Papercourt SC
GBR 1510Ross UNDERWOOD Portchester Sailing Club
GBR 4690Roger KENCHINGTON Portchester Sailing Club
GBR 0Becky HUTTON Portchester SC
GBR 4384Paul GRAY Spinnaker SC

If your name is not on this list, you have not completed all the stages of the entry process AND/OR we are still waiting for your entry fee to clear. Please login into your account to finalise your entry