Here you can enter 1 or more events as part of the 2019 Allen Endurance Series. Select your class from the list below, this will then allow you to choose from the events you are eligible to enter.  If your class is not listed please email  NB Each event has restricted entry numbers and entry fees that increase nearer the date of the start of the event,  you are advised to enter early.

EventEntry Fee (£)Double Hander (£)Enter
Round Sheppey Allen Endurance Series #4
Isle of Sheppey Sailing Club (31 Aug 2019 - 01 Sep 2019)
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2019 Series

Whitstable Forts18-19 May 2019
Solents Forts8-9 June 2019
East Coast Piers6-7 July 2019
Round Sheppey31 Aug - 1 September 2019





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UK performance sailing hardware manufacturer Allen Brothers has announced the creation of a new sailing series designed to test crews and equipment in extreme contests of skill and endurance. The new Series combines established events into a format which Allen Brothers believes will increase participation and competition, enhancing the endurance element of small boat racing in the UK.

The series is managed by SailRacer.