News for 2013 Team15 Champions Cup,Northampton Sailing Club

Sail Numbers and Stickers

Sail Numbers

Sail numbers must be registered via the online entry system.

If you have a National Sail Number please register this as part of the online booking form and ensure you have this number on your sail(s).

Event sail numbers will not being provided, you must supply these yourselves. Whilst we would encourage the purchase of proper sail numbers, if necessary, you can make numbers out of black duck-tape or similar, providing they are large & legible. Numbers must appear on both sides of the sail, one above the other for clarity. Please liaise with your Team15 Coach if you are unclear on positioning.

To request a national sail number, which is a free benefit of RYA windsurfing membership, please email quoting your RYA membership number. Once you have your national sail number you will have to purchase the sticky-back digits separately. GBR as a pre-fix  is only required for people attending international events.

Please ask your T15 coach for further guidance.

Applying Sail Numbers

Please make sure your sail is clean and dry before sticking on the digits. Numbers must appear on both sides of the sail, one above the other for clarity. If you need guidance on where these should be positioned, please speak with your T15 Coach or T15 Competition Organiser .

T15 Sail Stickers

If you don't already have an A3 Team15 sail sticker displayed clearly on your sail, then please request one from your T15 Coach ahead of the event.

You only need one sail sticker; do not position stickers back to back on your sail, since they become unreadable!

Manage your entry

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NB You will only be able to update your entry until the closing date