News for 2013 Team15 Champions Cup,Northampton Sailing Club

Welcome and Registration Process

Online Booking

Entry to the National Windsurfing Championships is via an advanced online process only. The closing date is 8am on Wednesday 10th August 2014.

The following should be completed before this deadline:

  1. Competitor registration (including medical form)
  2. Payment (entry fee is £40 if you are Uner 20 or a full time students or £60 if you are 20 and over.)

ENTRIES ON THE DAY WILL BE ACCEPTED however there will be an additional charge of £10.

You must also have made any necessary updates/amends to your entry form (and updated payment if necessary) before the above deadline.

Eligibility for Team15 Champions Cup

Prior to online registration, please ensure that you have read the Notice of Race to make sure you are eligible to enter the Team15 Champions Cup.  

You will need the following documentation to complete your online registration:

  • Your RYA membership number
  • Your sail number please click on the link for further information 
  • Means to pay online

Completed Entries

Please note that the registration process is not complete until medical forms have been completed and full payment has been received.

If your name does not appear in the list of entries, there is a problem with your online registration, which you must review before the above deadline. Please do not leave it until the last minute to enter or review - you may be too late!

Coaches - please review the list of entries at least two days before the online registration deadline. If you see there are missing entries from your team, please chase your sailors and get them to enter (or ask them to sort any outstanding entry issues, which may be stopping their name from appearing). 

Confirmation of Registration Details

Event Registration will be open from 8am on Saturday 13th September. At Rutland Sailinc Club.  You will need to confirm you entry details and collect tally numbers

As part of the online booking process, you will have received confirmation via email. Please print this out, sign as appropriate and bring this with you to the registration area. 

You will also need to bring with you your RYA membership card.


Manage your entry

Sign in to manage your entry details.

NB You will only be able to update your entry until the closing date