2013 Team15 Champions Cup, Northampton Sailing Club, 12 Oct 2013 - 13 Oct 2013

Make sure you have REGISTERED & PAID before 8am on the 4th October, as NO LATE ENTRIES WILL BE ACCEPTED. 

If more than one sailor in your family is competing, once you have registered one competitor it is very simple to register another competitor by ticking the box 'Add Another Competitor' near the end of the registration process. The system will remember the first entrants details so that the family address etc, will not have to be typed again. By ticking the box you will be taken back to the online entry homepage; simply review and select the class, then overtype the name and any other details which need amending for the new sailor.

At the end of the registration process, when completing the order form for optional extras including camping, please complete only once for all your family.  Thank you.

Welcome and Registration Process

Competitors and Coaches - please click 'more' to read about the registration process before you continue. 

Fair Sportsmanship

The spirit of T15 is what makes Team15 so good, so everyone - sailors, coaches and parents - should keep this in mind, even at a National Final! Have fun, enjoy yourselves and play fair... please click 'more' to download and read this important document.  

Notice of Race

Before the event and before completing the online entry form, please download and read the Notice of Race. Please click 'more' for further information and the Notice of Race. 

Sailing Instructions

Before the event, please download and read the Sailing Instructions. Please click 'more' for further information and the SI's. 

Sail Numbers and Stickers

Please click 'more' for further information regarding sail numbers and T15 sail stickers. 

BBQ tickets and T-shirts

You will need to pre-order and pay for meals and T-shirts before the event. Please click on 'more' for further information and how to order.  

Venue Information

Northampton Sailing Club this year's hosts have stipulated a few terms and conditions regarding the use of their site. By registering for this event you agree to accept these terms and conditions. Please click 'more' to view the terms and conditions and for essential venue information, including camping restrictions.  

Saturday Night Fun

What fun have we got planned..?, to find out click on more to read further. 

Problems with online entry?

If you are having any issues with the online entry system, please go to the contacts tab and contact Simon Lovesey. 

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NB You will only be able to update your entry until the closing date