Totals : 154 Entries
29er 313Megan THORNLEY Ullswater Yacht Club
29er 390Benedict BARNES Ullswater YC
4000 4095Jamie ROGERS
4000 4201Erica CASWELL Yorkshire Dales Sailing Club
49er 1111Lester NOBLE Ullswater YC
49er 343Matty LYONS Ullswater YC
505 9039Hamish GLEDHILL West Riding SC
505 9079Mark WESTON West Riding
505 9131Nathan BATCHELOR Tynemouth SC
505 9155Paul BROTHERTON Glossop
Albacore 6504Steve BAILEY The Nottingham Sailing Club
albacore 6679Nicholas READ Elton Sailing
Albacore 6959Richard SMITH Benfleet Yacht Club
Albacore 7525Andy PEARCE Hawley Lake
Albacore 8133Mike BANNER Leigh And Lowton
Albacore 8152Philip SMITH Rya
Albacore 8154Hazel SMITH Tewkesbury Cruising And Sailing Club
Albacore 8155Matthew THOMPSON Tewkesbury
albacore 8209Judy ARMSTRONG SCaling Dam SC
beneteau 21.7s 120Paul OHARA Ullswater Yatcht Club
Beneteau Platu 25 2522Peter MOUNTAIN
Beneteau Platu 25 2522Peter MOUNTAIN Blackpool & Fleetwood Yacht Club
Cherub 3201Robin JONES Draycote Water SC
Cruiser 110Chris DAWSON
Cruiser 712Mike INNERDALE Ullswater
Cruiser (Ruffian 23) 6173Jason ROBINSON-GAY
Dufour 1800 520Stewart HAMMOND Ullswater
Enterprise 22893James YOUNG Gresford
Etap 21 235Robin BARRATT Ullswater
Fireball 14844Keith MCDONALD Small Heath YC
fireball 14845Keith CAUSH SCaling Dam
FIREBALL 14940Martin SOWERBY SCaling Dam SC
fireball 15035Stephen JONES Blackpool And Fleetwood Yacht Club
Flying 15 3421Mike PEARCE Chew Valley Lake Sailing Club
Flying 15 3685Steve LEE Loch Lomond Sailing Club
Flying fifteen 3232Tony AINSWORTH D R S C
Flying Fifteen 3463Dave WOODHEAD Elton SC
Flying Fifteen 3506Barnes CHRISTIAN Ullswater YC
Flying Fifteen 3612Dave GILES Ullswater Yacht Club
flying fifteen 3627Robert GOODISON SCarborough Yacht Club
Flying Fifteen 3790Ray COOK Royal Northumberland Yacht Club
Flying Fifteen 3946Chris MORAN Ullswater YC
flying fifteen 3973Simon LONGSTAFF Bassenthwaite SC
flying fifteen 3996Mike MOORE Bassenthwaite
Flying Fifteen Classic 1990Richard CORFIELD Telford Sailing Club
GP14 12655Gerard LAMLE Burwain SC
GP14 12885Ian STURLAND Manor Park Sailing Club
gp14 13146Steve WARD Bartley
GP14 13774Ian HOLDEN SCaling Dam Sailing Club
Hunter Europa 465Mike WILSON-SMITH Ullswater YC
Hunter Europa 473Christopher BARNFIELD Ullswater Yacht Club
Hunter Europa 593Sam HARDING Ullswater
Hunter Europa 816Ray HARLE Uyc
Hunter Ranger 245 59Andrew CUTTING Uyc
Icon 16Martin HATTERSLEY Chasewater
International 420 46874Lee BRATLEY Manor Park Sailing Club
International Tempest 1111John ROBINSON Ullswater YC
K6 124Mike KNEALE Chester
K6 163Thomas BETTS Glenridding
K6 193Peter MCLAREN Loch Lomond SC
Laser 2000 0Kenny ENGLISH South Shields Sailing Club
laser 2k 2915John PILGRIM Thorton Steward
laser bahia 1349Steve RESTALL Elton Sailing Club
Laser Stratos 127Valdek DAVIDSON Burwain
Laser stratos 217Andrew MEEK Manor Park Sailing Club
Laser Stratos (CB) 763Derek BEAGRIE Glenridding Sailing Centre
Laser Vago 1814Dave BAXTER Yorkshire Dales Sailing Club
Lazer Vago XD 823David JENNINGS Uyc
Monark 700 97Robin STANLEY Uyc
National 12 3502Patrick HAMILTON Burwain
osprey 1287Stephen GAUGHAN Ullswater
Osprey 1288Stephen SHARP Hornsea Sailing Club
Osprey 1314Viola SCOTT Kielder Water Sailing Club
Osprey 1316Alan HENDERSON Prestwick SC
R.N.S.A 14 28Joe IRVING R.y.y.c
R200 289Jon ABBATT Ullswater
RS 200 1088Roger CARTER Loch Lomond Sailing Club
rs 200 1195Ethan DAWSON Bass SC
RS 200 641Alex LEONARD Bassenthwaite SC
RS 400 1077Simon NICHOL Chester
RS 400 1148Robin DAWSON Bassenthwaite Sailing Club
RS 400 1275David HEARSUM Hickling Broad SC
RS200 1037Caroline EXLEY Llsc
RS200 1068Martin SMITH Delph
Rs200 1135Julia ALLAN Ydsc
RS200 1296Matt BROMLEY Rya
RS200 1310John BURTON Yorkshire Dales
RS200 335Phil BROOKS Ullswater Yacht Club
RS200 648Sam SMITH Uyc
RS200 925Karen BROTHERTON Etherow Sailing Club
rs400 1053Tony WOODS Etherow Sailing Club
RS400 1082Mark SOMERVILLE Bassenthwaite SC
RS400 1186Dave EXLEY Leigh And Lowton S.c.
RS400 1248Peter DYER
Alan Rogers
Yorkshire Dales Sailing Club
rs400 1282John TURLEY Yorkshire Dales Sailing Club
rs400 1395Paul ALLEN Leigh & Lowton
rs400 519Alistair COLE Yorkshire Dales
RS400 525Matt JACKSON SCaling Dam
Rs400 564Jacob AINSWORTH -
RS400 703Chris PICKLES Delph SC
RS400 750Jeremy CHILD SCammonden Water Sailling Club
RS500 857Chris SMITH Uyc
Soling 144David FISH Blackpool And Fleetwood
Soling 155Gary RICHARDSON Darwin Sailing Club, Northern Territory, Australia
Tasar 2512Dave SELLAR Shoreham Sailing Club
Tempest 1181Michael ADAMS Ullswater YC
uk cherub 2676Jamie PEARSON Draycote Water Sailing Club
UK cherub 3216Roland TRIM Thornbury On Chew
vagabond 484Harry WILMOT SCaling Dam
VX One 189David CLARKE Uyc
VXOne 179Howard STEAVENSON Ullswater Yacht Club
VXOne 180Anne NOBLE Uyc
VXOne 191David SUMMERVILLE Grafham Water Sailing Club
VXOne 202Steven KING Ullswater Yacht Club
X1 003Alex MORRISON Leigh & Lowton SC
X1 007Martin DIXON London Corinthian SC

Blaze 655Alan BENNETT
Blaze 777Steve FLETCHER SCaling Dam
Blaze 812Pip WARNER Hornsea Sailing Club
D-Zero 105Dave WOODS Rossendale Valley SC
D-zero 119Russ HOPKINS Tewkesbury SC
Finn 672Stewart MITCHELL Annandale SC
Int Canoe Asymetric 283John ROBSON Uyc
International Canoe 319Colin BROWN Ullswater Yacht Club
Laser 118416Alex MCCORMACK SCaling Dam
Laser 138348Colin MUNRO Ullswater
Laser 167588Ian TURRELL SCammonden Water SC
Laser 195988Simon ASHWORTH Burwain SC
Laser 207356Andrew BAKER Uyc
Laser 208666Andrew RATCLIFFE Rossendale Valley Saling Club
Laser 1 161653Michael GREEN Rossendale Valley SC
laser radial 143452Ian MCMILLEN Manor Park
Laser Radial/4.7 74110Joe SHELLEY Llandudno SC
Lightning 368 413Caroline KEY West Oxfordshire Sailing Club
Lightning 368 53Jason GALLAGHER Denholme Sailing Club
Musto Skiff 274Jono SHELLEY Ullswater
Musto skiff 323Steve ROBSON Derwent Water Sailing Club
Musto Skiff 448Dylan NOBLE Ullswater YC
Musto Skiff 481Josh MORAN Ullswater YC
open canoe 156Ian SHUTTLEWORTH Open Canoe Sailing Group
Open Sailing Canoe 144Andy WHITHAM Open Canoe Sailing Group
Open sailing Canoe 158Adam POPE Open Canoe Sailing Group
RS Aero 0Julie ARCHER Ullswater
RS100 (10.2) 153Peter SNOWDON SCaling Dam SC
Rs300 434Ben MURRELL Ydsc
Sailing Canoe (OC) 9Keith MORRIS Open Canoe Sailing Group
Solo 5403Adam SAVAGE Elton Sailing Club
Solution 429Roger POSTBESCHILD West Oxfordshire Sailing Club
Streaker 1396Jackie CRAVEN Ripon
Streaker 1490Mark TINKLER SCaling Dam
Streaker 1600Nick CRAVEN Ripon
Streaker 1902Christopher ABELA West Oxfordshire
Topper 0Izzy ABBATT Ullswater

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