2013 Team15 Champions Cup, Northampton Sailing Club , 12 Oct 2013 - 13 Oct 2013
Totals : 86 Entries
3.5M Entries
0Anna PHIPPS Polkerris Pirates
112Jack G GIBBS Pitsford Pirates
116Brandon WALKER Pitsford Pirates
117Daisy MCALLISTER Pitsford Pirates
118Jayden WALKER Pitsford Pirates
130Danny STEWART Axbridge Animals
16Eleanor POWELL Axbridge Animals
1661Frankie BROWN Axbridge Animals
270Megan KRAFT Spray Sprites
3Tess BRUNSKILL West Kirby
3113Lucas HAY Spray Sprites
3116Finn HAWKINS Polkerris Pirates
3122Thomas HUNTER Pugneys Pirates
3123Sophie HUNTER Pugneys Pirates
3127Samuel WILLIAMS Spray Sprites
3131Eddie SIOUFI Polkerris Pirates
3132George SIOUFI Polkerris Pirates
3133Jessie WILLIAMS Spray Sprites
3136Imogen VALE Polkerris Pirates
4Arun BRUNSKILL West Kirby
555Jasmine LOWE Pugneys Pirates
920477553Kate-lynd SMITH Pugney Pirates
96Obediah CALLAGHAN West Kirby Warriors
991Zoe BASSETT Axbridge Animals
3.5M - 24 ENTRIES

4.5M Entries
04Conor FAGAN West Kirby
114Alex GIBBONS Pitsford Pirates
115Andrew KING Pitsford Pirates
12Matthew JUBB West Kirby Warriors
14Thomas ATKINSON Pugneys Pirates
17Elise CAMPBELL Axbridge Animals
217Oliver LLOYD West Kirby Warriors
245Jacob LOWE Pugneys Pirates
3073Katie HATCHER Axbridge Animals
3112Drew BEESON Spray Sprites
3118Megan ROBERTS Spray Sprites
3120Louis MILES Spray Sprites
3129Jack DARLISON Pugneys Pirates
3130Oscar SIOUFI Polkerris Pirates
3134Sophie RYAN Spray Sprites
3135Jack WALKER Spray Sprites, Eastbourne
53Ffion WATKINS Axbridge Animals
711Loveday MCALLISTER Pitsford Pirates
872Victoria PATRICK Pitsford Pirates
9985Seb CUMMING Axbridge Animals
9986Jeremy WHALE Polkerris Pirates
4.5M - 21 ENTRIES

5.8M Entries
06Jowan SLEEP Polkerris Pirates
111Zoe BOWEN Pitsford Pirates
125Maddy HUGHES West Kirby Warriors
126Isaac BRADLEY-BAKER West Kirby Warriors
1267Josh HUNT Axbridge Animals
129Frances MCNAB West Kirby Warriors
141Ben MCCANN Pitsford Pirates
18Madeleine BALDWIN Axbridge Animals
3002Libby RODGERS Axbridge Animals
3029Oliver SMITH Pitsford Pirates
3030Mollie DENSLEY ROBINS Axbridge Animals
3049Joe CARTER Pugneys Pirates Wakefield
3115Jacob COLLETT Pugneys Pirates
3117Luke LECKIE Spray Sprites
3124Charlie NORTH Spray Sprites
3126Oscar WILLIAMS Spray Sprites
6789Anthony RAJECKI-DOYLE Pugneys Pirates
79Elliott MCCULLY West Kirby Warriors
9Thomas SAMBROOK Pugneys Pirates
9887Tristan MILLIDINE Loch Insh Monsters
5.8M - 20 ENTRIES

TECHNO 6.8M Entries
001Milo CALLAGHAN West Kirby Warriors
154Bruce PARTRIDGE Spray Sprites
200Dominic MEYLAN-STEVENSON Pitsford Pirates
267Lauren GOODALL Axbridge Animals
286Lydia HOWLEY Pitsford Pirates
299David LETT Pitsford Pirates
3003Robin MCALLISTER Pitsford Pirates
3017Sam KELLY West Kirby Warriors
3045Paul HALLIWELL West Kirby Warriors
3079Adam PHIPPS Polkerris Pirates
3119Owen DAVIES Spray Sprites
3125Luke BILKEY Polkerris Pirates
3128Thomas DARLISON Pugney's Pirates
512Oliver EASTWOOD West Kirby Warriors
854Lou BROWN Axbridge Animals
976Fiona ANDERSON Pugneys Pirates
977Oliver ANDERSON Pugneys Pirates
98Samson KING West Kirby Warriors
9806Luke WILLIAMS Spray Sprites
9871Joseph THOMPSON Pugneys Pirates
9917Bethany HORSNELL Axbridge Animals

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